Posted by: markspencer | July 10, 2009

Aspen, CO, Belly Up Tavern

I liked this show, felt like I was getting somewhere good on the songs, etc, and it was generally fun playing (’cause sometimes playing pedal steel is like a math quiz folded into one of those high school in your underwear dreams). The catered meal for cast and crew was super fine and delicious. I hope it got taped, but the good shows never do. Last time I played here in Aspen was with the Aimee Mann Christmas show and it was one of the most apathetic crowds I’d/they’d ever experienced (too bad, it was an entertaining and funny show), the crowd this time was into it and having a good time. More drinking, I’ll wager.

Here was a nice doodad someone left at Jay’s feet. I told Dave I’d give him the good stuff for his blog but I’ll post this one anyway. Tomorrow, 7AM call to Snowbird, Utah.

voodoo cherries

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