Posted by: markspencer | August 10, 2009

En Route to Brasil

Heading to San Paulo for a couple shows with Mark Seliger’s “Rusty Truck”. Sorta wish I’d brought my camera-camera, but the ol’ iPhone did alright on this out-the-window pic. There’s never a shortage of grandeur out the window of a jet airplane


  1. Mark,
    It was great meeting in you in Newport, KY, last weekend. As I told you, I was a Son Volt fan years before I really knew who they were. So, it was great to see the band live.

    I hope to see my friend in Memphis soon so I can give him the Son Volt souvenir from that night that you signed “Thanks Pat! That’s my girlfriend’s name!”. He’ll get a kick out of it.

    Send me an email some time (work: or play:

    Enjoy your trip. If only I knew how to spell “lucky” in Portuguese….

    Further on up the road,

  2. August 15,2009
    It was a great pleasure saw you and heard
    your excelent, really great tone at MTV`s Brazil tv show.The solos ideas were just marvelous .I`d love the tele sound and the steal guitar as well. Hope you and friends enjoy your staying in Brazil ( I kwnow this is a long trip from your country ) .
    Congratulantions . Great guitar work !

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