Posted by: markspencer | May 30, 2012

Signs and symptoms of Lead Guitarist Bipolar III syndrome.

In hopes that big pharma will cook up some special drugs to help us, I’ve defined a new diagnosis for some of my brethren…

Signs and symptoms of Lead Guitarist Bipolar III syndrome.

Hypomanic episodes

High volume levels
Hedonistic musical moods
Unrealistic optimism about lead guitar being desirable
Mystical experiences while soloing with headphones on
Irritability and anger at audience/fans/band members
Automatic thoughts when playing overplayed cover songs
Maladaptive assumptions about singer songwriters
Dysfunctional personal schemas regarding pedalboard arrangement

Depressive episodes

Low energy levels during verse and chorus
Cessation of usual activities during verse and chorus
Black and white thinking about vintage gear
Unrealistic pessimism about being heard in the back
Overgeneralization of other’s bad taste
Automatic thoughts of quitting current musical group
Maladaptive assumptions about all sound engineers
Dysfunctional personal schemas regarding reverb


  1. It wouldn’t surprise me. When, though, I haven’t the foggiest!

  2. but not soon enuff bleah How about that mature man on lead? Is he AVAILABLE???

  3. Cool photog. Who took it?

    • JEFF! I’m guessing it was you. Send me your contact information. I have a couple vintage and current photographic situations you might be interested in, or could advise me on. Glad to hear from you.

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