Posted by: markspencer | September 11, 2009

Domestic Disturbance

On the way back from our new favorite cheap Mexican joint on Cherokee in St. Louis we happened upon this vehicular boo-boo. I wasn’t quick enough to capture the blown out other side of this trucked-up house but by the looks of the accident scene there’s a story of some sort there.

Posted by: markspencer | September 11, 2009

Recording St. Louis

Surrounded, including the one shoe

Posted by: markspencer | August 31, 2009

Sao Paulo

More pictures…..

Posted by: markspencer | August 31, 2009

MTV Brazil

First order of business in Sao Paulo for Rusty Truck was a performance on MTV Brasil. Dig the “Meteoro” amp, solid state, but sounded pretty good. I like the studio design, and, like everywhere else in Sao Paulo there always seemed to be plenty of people working there.

Posted by: markspencer | August 10, 2009

En Route to Brasil

Heading to San Paulo for a couple shows with Mark Seliger’s “Rusty Truck”. Sorta wish I’d brought my camera-camera, but the ol’ iPhone did alright on this out-the-window pic. There’s never a shortage of grandeur out the window of a jet airplane

Posted by: markspencer | July 26, 2009


This leg of touring with the Cowboy Junkies ends here in Missoula, MT. I head home to record Jenny and Robbie this week, followed by a delicious weekend of (hopefully) almost nothing. To say some of the drives were grueling would be an understatement. But we saw some wonderful sites which prove that west of Denver isn’t all shirtless dudes on tiny bikes and meth labs.

Posted by: markspencer | July 23, 2009


We’re here on a wonderful sunny Seattle day, waiting to rock the Seattle Zoo after the Cowboy Junkies. Dave and I checked out the zoo and what few animals that weren’t watching the news in their little condos looked bored and depressed as hell. The hippo cut a natty figure in the sun. He was up and on all fours, the most action- packed creature there.

Posted by: markspencer | July 18, 2009

Hipster Convergence

I shouldn’t be surprised, but somehow this aisle display at Whole Foods seems somewhat out of place. I guess PBR’s reconfiguration from stalwart, proletarian swill, on up into the strata of the now erroneously monikered “Old Man Bar” to it’s final neo-bourgeoise resting place among the artichokes and loofahs makes a 21st century kind of sense.

Posted by: markspencer | July 16, 2009


Posted by: markspencer | July 15, 2009

Mesa, AZ


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